Nathan Pham

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I'm Nathan Pham, a fourteen year old self taught student developer. I like to help other self learners out, as well as program stuff (such as this website) in my spare free time. I'm not saying I'm actually good at programming - quite the contrary, look at the website code.
I currently attend, although you can find a lot more about my education on my resume page.
If you'd like to stay in touch, you can send a quick message at the bottom of the website, look at the feedback page, or you can check out the contacts pasted on the home page.
I'm very passionate about the climate (, programming, biology, and mathematics.


Right now I'm just a student aspiring to become a doctor. I aim to fuse agriculture, technology, and medicine into my life, as I am part of, I like to program, and my parents are in the medical field.
My real work experiences include being a golf caddy (helps out a golf player during a match), as well as the joining of several programming projects (classified at the moment).
You can find more about my education, goals, and achievements on the resume page.

Support Me

You can support me by donating to my patreon, found here:
You can also go to the settings page and enable ads, which display ads if you have a large enough browser.
All money is either used to host the site itself, or donate to charitable causes (you can track my donations on the pinned blog posts).