Nathan Pham

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I am not here to collect data. I am here to enhance user experience.

As such, I will never ever store any of your personal preferences on any sort of server. The settings here are managed solely by you; you can reset/clear all data from this site in the options below.

The only things stored on the server are messages, feedback, and comments on blog posts. Other than that, no other user information (such as location) is stored.

Note that most changes only apply when you reload the page.


This is your username; it will be attached to your comments and messages. It also helps with authenticating post views. Please take lengthy discussions to chatting engines such as Discord.

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Ad preferences are not managed by me and are powered by Google. It's appreciated if you enable ads, but that's your choice.

All ad revenue goes to charitable organizations or back into powering the website itself (as maintaining the domain costs money), and never to my own personal wallet. You can track my donations on the pinned blog posts.

Ads will not be displayed on smaller screens, even if you enable this option. As stated earlier, I prioritize user experience over profits or data collection.

Safe Mode

If you are afraid of explicit content on the site, you can disable all comments.

Note that images on the gallery/posts are uploaded only by me, so any explicit content will likely be the result of hackers.

Mega Zoom

Having trouble reading? Increase the size of everything on the page with the MegaZoom option! Site compatibility/general feel will vary.

Clear Settings

Reset all settings to their default values and clear all website information. It will, by default, give you a new anonymous username.